Bryan Middle School

Physical Education Directory

Kalchik, Michelle
Physical Education/Health Teacher
Pokryfke, Paul
Physical Education/Health Teacher
Solesky, Michelle
Physical Education/Health Teacher
Thomas, Jeremy
Physical Education/Health Teacher

PE staff

PE staff

6th grade fitness center

6th grade fitness center
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Physical Education


Mission Statement

Our mission for our Physical Education department is to proactively develop physically fit individuals, strengthen minds, and promote positive attitudes towards life-long fitness while shaping individuals to become positive, impactful members of society.

Why PE is important for student academic success

locker room

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We have expanded!


8th Grade Yearly Health Plan

  Weeks Units/Topics Chapters/Sections
Term 1  1&2 Fitness Principles


Fitness For Life-3

  1&2 Personal Fitness


Fitness center

Term 2 3&4 Alsohol & Tobacco 14&15
  3&4 Drugs 16
Term 3        5 Growth and Development Game Plan-10
  6 Diseases 17&18


7th Grade Yearly Health Plan

  Weeks Unit/Topics Chapters/Sections
Term 1 1 Exercise Principles 6
Term 2 2 Body Systems-Skeletal 5
Term 3 3 Body Systems-Muscular 5
Term 4 4 Nutrition 8
Term 5 5 Human Growth and Development 10
Term  6   6 Safety 19


6th Grade Yearly Health Plan

  Weeks Units/Topics Chapters/Sections
Term 1     1 Wellness 1
Term 2 2 Physical Fitness 4
Term 3 3 Body Systems 15
Term 4 4 Nutrition 5
Term 5 5 Human Growth and Development 16&14
Term 6 6 Safety 17


Physical Education Locker

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Physical Education Uniforms

PE Uniform Consist of:

1.PE shirt

2.PE shorts

3. Athletic shoes


Uniform Policy/ Rentals:





846 N. York Rd.

Elmhurst, Il 60126

Phone 630-833-1733

Fax 630-833-9101

Shirt $10

Shorts $15

Health Teachers:


6th grade: Mrs. Kalchik

7th grade: Ms. Solesky

8th grade: Mr. Thomas 

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Physical Education Expectations

1. Come prepared to class with your entire uniform.

2. Use the equipment at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner, when instructed by a teacher.

3. Participate each day to your fullest ability.

4. Communicate with a teacher if you will miss a class, have a doctor's/parent note, or if you are not able to put forth 100% effort.

Physical Education Rules

1.  Boys enter and exist through the west doors. Girls enter and exist through the east doors.

2. When the whistle blows, STOP, sit in your attendance line, and listen.

3. Gum/candy/food/drinks are not allowed in the gym, locker room or outside during activities.

4. Two (2) at a time in the hall for drinks.

5. Stay in the gym until the bell rings or when you are dismissed by a teacher.

Locker room rules

1. Stay in your area when changing.

2. Lock  your lockers at all times.

3. If it doesn't belong to you, don't touch it (that includes the light switches).

4. Aerosol cans or sprays of any kind are not allowed.

5. Clean up after yourself and put garbage in the garbage can.

6. There is no yelling, running, or screaming in the locker room.