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Using Chromebooks in Math!

Algebra students use the Demsos program for graphing lines and investigating how a change in the slope or y-intercept would affect it.  They graph scatter plots and systems of equations.  This also helps students in their investigation of supply and demand.

Bryan Students and 3D Printing!



STEM Show N' Share in Computer Lit!

STEM at Bryan

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See how our students create, design and problem solve in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math!

Applying Trig!

8th grade Geometry students are using a hypsometer to measure the angle of inclination.  They were using their new trigonometry skills to figure out the heights of various objects in the hall. 

8th grade Geo.jpg

Barbie Bungee!

8th grade students added rubber bands to drop Barbie from various heights and measured how far she fell.  Students then graphed their data and  made a line of fit from the scatter plot graph to predict how many rubber bands would result in a "safe" jump from 400cm.   



Students in 7th grade Reach math used Desmos to explore function translations!  Click here to try Desmos at home!


Bridge Building!

6th grade Industrial Tech students design, build and test their own bridges!



CAD Lab IT.jpg

Fenwick Math Contest

On Saturday, November 14, Bryan Middle School participated in two math competitions.  Nineteen Bryan students competed in the annual Immaculate Conception math contest.  Ribbons were awarded to seventh graders Stephanie Y (top 20%), Nate W (top 20%), and Ayden V (top 10%).  
Bryan competed for the first time at the Fenwick math contest.  Over 250 students representing 30 schools particiated in the competition.  Bryan's 6-person team finished in 3rd place!  Team members included Kevin M, Nate C, James S, Brian K, Emmet M, and Justin Z.  In addition, Kevin M placed 4th overall.  
Great job to these students for their achievement and to all our students that participated over the weekend!
Fenwick 4.jpg


Bryan competed for the first time this year in the MATHCOUNTS Competitive Series with 22 other coached teams.  MATHCOUNTS is a national middle school coaching and competitive mathematics program that promotes mathematics achievement through a series of fun and engaging "bee" style contests.  Our team won the best new school trophy and ended up at 6th overall.  Additionally we had two students score in the top 25% individuals, Will Phillips and Kevin Mikos.  Other team members included Captain Tristan Constant, Mollie Grasse, James Sampson, Manu Mehta, Jacob Wit, Sean Milstead, Nick Ward, and Lily Kraus.  Congratulations to all of the competitors!


mathcounts 2015.jpg

6th Grade Virtual Field Trip

Some of Bryan's 6th graders were able to participate in a virtual field trip to Africa!  They participated in a Google Hangout with folks from the Nature Conservacy and learned about desertification and conservation efforts in Kenya and Burkina Faso.  See their virtual field trip below!


Hour of Code 2014!


Congratulations to the students who participated in the annual ICC math competition this weekend.  Out of 21 schools, Bryan won first place!  Leading the team were students Kevin M who won first place overall 7th grade student with a perfect score and Manu M who won first place overall 8th grade student! Receiving red ribbons for top 10% winners included Nick W, Abby R, Nate C, and James S.  Receiving white ribbons for top 20% winners included: Lily K, Bo T, Ethan K, and Emmet M.  Other team members included: Maddy S, Oaken V, Kol R and Conlin R.

ICTM 2014.jpg


38th Annual Junior High Science Contest

Bryan students represented District 205 at the 38th annual Junior High Science Contest at Fenwick High School. After taking a lengthy exam covering all fields of science, Bryan's team came in second place among many top area middle schools. Two students also received individual awards: Joseph Black took 5th place and Jacob Wit received 12th place honors!  Congratulations to all participants!

Fenwick 2014.jpg