6th Grade Teams


6th gr Math Teacher mbowles@elmhurst205.org

Bradbury, Laurel
8th gr Science/Math lbradbury@elmhurst205.org

Canton, Donald
Spanish Teacher dcanton@elmhurst205.org

Dufner, Julie
Spanish Teacher jdufner@elmhurst205.org

Fox, Erin
English/ Social Studies Teacher efox@elmhurst205.org

Fuller, Lynda
Counselor lfuller@elmhurst205.org

Grimmett, Colleen
6th gr Math Teacher cgrimmett@elmhurst205.org

Hatz, Margaret
6th gr Language Arts Teacher mhatz@elmhurst205.org

Johnson, Laura
Reading Specialist laurajohnson@elmhurst205.org

McDonald, Elizabeth
6th gr Science/Social Studies Teacher emcdonald@elmhurst205.org

Pearson, Robyn
6th gr Special Ed Teacher rpearson@elmhurst205.org

Rowe, Lindsey
6th gr English Teacher lrowe@elmhurst205.org

Stanford, Brittney
7th grade Math bstanford@elmhurst205.org

Tang, James
6th gr Social Studies Teacher jtang@elmhurst205.org


The transition from elementary school to middle school is an exciting time for students and families.  On this page you will find information about the different procedures common to sixth grade at Bryan and some of the things we do to help ease students into sixth grade, as well as information about special sixth grade events.


This year the sixth grade teachers started a process called ZAP (Zeroes Aren't Permitted), to help sixth graders understand the importance of homework completion.  Students and families should still take advantage for the online gradebook called PowerSchool to verify that all assignments are turned in and grades are up to date.  Here is the letter and more information about ZAP.


Starting middle school can be an exciting, and sometimes scary, time!  Here are some tips that may help you have a successful start to middle school.

1. Stay organized. 
Use your agenda (assignment notebook) to write down all your assignments.  Try to keep your locker organized and from getting very messy by putting things back where they belong and not just shoving them in randomly.

2. Plan ahead.
Don't wait until the last day to start a bigger homework assignment.  It will feel so much easier if you do a little each day.  Start those larger assignments the day you get them so they don't seem so overwhelming.

3. Don't be afraid to ask for help.
Ask parents, teachers, and older siblings for help or advice when you don't know what to do.

4. Try new things.
Trying a new activity is a great way to meet new people.   Sitting with new people at lunch is also a fun way to meet other kids you may not have had the chance to make new friends.

5. Relax.
It's a little nerve-wracking starting a new school but your teachers and parents will help you along the way.  Try to remember you're not alone.


Acceptable times to visit lockers are:

  1. Before Seminar
  2. After 3nd Period/Before Lunch
  3. After Lunch/Before 5th period
  4. After 7th Period
  5. End of the Day

Students are to use their lockers only at the times listed above. If a student needs to get supplies from his/her locker at another time he/she may be assigned a tardy by a teacher.