8th Grade Teams

Bryan Poster



Acceptable times to visit lockers are:

  1. Before Homeroom
  2. After E Blocks
  3. Before Lunch
  4. After Lunch
  5. End of the Day

Students who are in their lockers at times other than those listed above, or who have forgotten something for class and need to get it from their locker, will be issued a locker violation.  Students will receive two locker violation warnings and the third will result in a lunch detention.  Violations will start over at the beginning of each quarter. 


Success on Taking Good Notes

  1. Keep your notes for each class separate.  Using a separate spiral for each class is the best way to do this
  2. Be selective on what you write.  Rushing to write everything your teacher says/writes will confuse you and cause you to lose the main idea
  3. Ask your teacher to repeat something if you miss it
  4. Stay alert through the entire class...even during the last few minutes of class
  5. Write legibly...you have to read your notes later!


How to Help with Homework

  1.  Make sure your child has a quiet, well-lit place to do homework, free from distractors such as TV, phones and social media
  2.  Help your child with time-management
  3.  Be positive about homework
  4.  When your child asks for help provide guidance, not answers
  5.  Make sure materials that your child needs are available
  6.  Help your child determine what is hard homework and what is easy homework, then have them do hard homework first taken from:   https://www2.ed.gov/parents/academic/involve/homework/homeworktips.pdf