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Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grade English classes completed their reading of this year's all school read.  Students and staff had a wonderful experience reading Peak by Roland Smith.  Originally published in 2007, Peak relates the adventures of 14 year old Peak Marcello as he tries to climb to the summit of Mt. Everest.  Peak was a critical success, nominated for several awards, including the 2012 Rebecca Caudill Young Reader Book award.  In addition, it won numerous honors such as being named a Booklist Editor's Choice in 2007.  

On Thursday March 3rd, the Bryan community welcomed Roland Smith to Bryan during an all school assembly.  Mr. Smith regaled students and staff with stories of how his many novels have come to be.  Mr. Smith was personable, funny, entertaining, and truly inspiring.  To cap it off, he graciously stayed to participate in our Bryan celebration of the all school read.

Students who participated in the Peak Celebration after school enjoyed a wide range of activities.  Students could view a fascinating documentary on Mt. Everest, experience the Mt. Everest experience through a viewfinder, test their knowledge in a fun but challenging quiz, put themselves through the paces in our very own Everest obstacle course, and even get to talk to the author of Peakhimself.  Every student who participated had a great time!!

Special thanks to all who worked so hard to plan this event:  Mrs. Magierski, Mrs. Hatz, Mrs. Kuziel, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Thomas, Ms. Solesky, and Ms. Discipio.  Most especially, much gratitude is given to Mr. Roland Smith and all of the students who participated in the various activities offered throughout the month.

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Penny Kittle has written several books on the importance of reading to our students.  Recognized as the 2015 Exemplary Leader from the Conference on English Leadership for NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English), she advocates the importance of reading 20 minutes per day.  On her website, she has posted an infographic citing research to support this philosophy:  


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