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In 2010, Illinois adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  In total, 48 states and territories have adopted the CCSS.  The mission of the CCSS is to "provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them" (

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Welcome to the Bryan Middle School Mathematics Department!

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PI DAY 2018

Happy Pi Day!  Every year on March 14, people all around the world celebrate Pi Day.  What is pi?  Pi is an irrational number, which means it has no pattern, no end, and never repeats.  Pi is a mathematical constant that students use in formulas, such as area and circumference of circles.  Many math classes incorporated pi into various activities on Wednesday, March 14.

This year marked the 11th Annual Pi Reciting Competition.  Students worked very hard memorizing digits of pi.  The top reciters at each grade level are:

In 6th grade:  Maddie D, Jack B, and in first place, Anthony F

In 7th grade:  Diana G, Clare M, and in first place, Soren M

and in 8th grade:  Charlie S and in first place, Ryan S!

In addition, students had the opportunity to participate in our Pi Poster Competition.  Many students showed their creativity and originality by making posters.  Thank you to everyone that participated this year!  The following students at each grade level won our poster competition:

In 6th grade:  Luke D, Olivia M, and in first place, Katie L

In 7th grade:  Alyssa P, Walter P, and in first place, Madison T

and in 8th grade:  Kacper J, Paige D, and in first place, Monica W

Again, we would like to congratulate all of our students for their outstanding effort and participation in this year's Pi Day activities!


Illinois Math League Contest

On Tuesday, February 23, Bryan Middle School participated in the annual Illinois Math League (IML) Contest.  The Math League sponsors math contests from fourth grade through high school.  Each year, over one million students from the United States, Canada, China, and Europe participate.  The goal of these contests is “to encourage student interest and confidence in mathematics through solving worthwhile problems” (The Math League).  Each contest's questions cover material appropriate to each grade level, such as fractions, reciprocals, rates, angle measurement, perimeter, area, and sequences.  This year, students were given 30 minutes to solve 35 multiple-choice questions. 

Below is an example of a question a 7th grade student may have been asked:

“The ones’ digit of the largest nine-digit perfect square is ____”

Thank you to all students who participated in this year’s contest.  Below is a list of the top 5-7 students (depending on if there was a tie) per grade level.  Congratulations!

in 6th grade, Nora S, Avianash S, Lanz G, Nico F, Steven P, and in first place, Nick C

in 7th grade:  Max T, Finley E, Soren M, Joe D, Matt V, and in first place with a score of 32, Luke L

and in 8th grade:  Charlie S, Tieran C, Sam W, Andrew B, Ryan S, Magnus M, Jericho C, and in first place, with a score of 31, Ryder M

The scores of these students will be sent to the state to compete for the highest individual score and the highest team score (the total of the top 5 scores per school).  Best of luck, Bryan!

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  Bolur, Heather

7th gr Math Teacher

  Bowles, Michele

6th gr Math Teacher

  Calvo, Linda

6th gr Math

  Davis, Chelsea

8th gr Math Teacher

  Nunes, Tara

8th gr Math Teacher

  Samp, Sarah

8th gr Math Teacher

  Scaliatine, Kyrstin

7th gr Math Teacher 

  Stanford, Brittney

7th grade Math Teacher

  Sweeney, Kimberly
8th grade Math Teacher