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Music Department Calendar

Welcome to the music department calendar!  This calendar will be updated regularly.  Your director may also issue special hard copies with ensemble-specific information, which will also be emailed home.

Information available on this calendar:

  • Rehearsal information for Dually Enrolled Students:
    • For dually enrolled students (students in band and choir or orchestra and choir), this calendar will tell you which ensemble you need to attend that day.  If there is a “CHOIR” on the date, that means all dually enrolled students will attend choir that day.  If there is a “BAND/ORCHESTRA” on the date, then dually enrolled students will attend their instrumental ensemble that day.
    • PLEASE NOTE:  If you are in band, choir, or orchestra ONLY, you will attend that ensemble every day we have rehearsal.  The “CHOIR” and “BAND/ORCHESTRA” apply to dually enrolled students only.
  • Concerts and other events.
  • Special rehearsals for extracurricular music ensembles such as jazz band and singing club.
  • Due dates/deadlines.

Please let your music director know if you have any questions regarding the calendar.

Bryan Middle School Music Department Calendar