Social Studies

8th gr Social Studies Teacher

Begani, Kelly
6th gr English/Social Studies Teacher

Dahlquist, Lisa
8th gr English

Dakins, Ann
7th gr REACH English/ Social Studies Teacher

Felde, Laura
8th Grade REACH English/Social Studies Teacher

Fox, Erin
English/ Social Studies Teacher

Grimmett, Colleen
6th gr Math Teacher

Hirsch, Katie
7th gr Social Studies Teacher

Mangun, Robert
8th gr English/ Social Studies Teacher

McDonald, Elizabeth
6th gr Science/Social Studies Teacher

Rowe, Lindsey
6th gr English Teacher

Schroeder, Katie
Social Studies Teacher

Tang, James
6th gr Social Studies Teacher


The social studies department at Bryan Middle school examines both American and world history.  Below you will find a brief outline of the curriculum of at each level.

6th Grade:
Sixth grade students will study world geography, ancient civilizations and current global events as they relate to the United States. Highlights include the study and implementation of map skills, the Stone Ages, hunter-gatherer societies, ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, the geography of Africa and modern day challenges, ancient India, ancient China, the geography of Asia, the Greeks and the Romans and the geography of Europe. 

7th Grade:
Seventh grade students will study the history of the United States. The course begins with the colonization of North America by the Europeans, early contact with Native Americans, the American Revolution, westward expansion, the Civil War, slavery and the study of the Constitution.

8th Grade:
Eighth grade students will continue the study of American history, picking up where the seventh grade course ended. Units of emphasis include reconstruction after the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, World War I, the women's rights movement, the Great Depression, World War II and American's entry onto the world stage as a major political, economic and military power.