Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities are broken down into the following categories:

Athletics Season Coaches
Cross Country Fall Michelle Kalchik/6th - Joseph Fowler/7th - Barbara Curran/8th
Girls Basketball       Winter Paul Pokryfke/7th - Jeremy Thomas/8th
Boys Basketball Winter Joe Fowler/7th - Paul Pokryfke/8th
Girls Volleyball Winter/Spring        Kathryn Hirsch/7th - Jeremy Thomas/8th
Boys Volleyball   Winter/Spring Paul Pokryfke/7th - Michelle Kalchik/8th
Boys Track Spring Joe Fowler/7th - Kurt Baumeister/8th
Girls Track Spring

Jeune Winchester/7th - Barb Curran/8th

Intramurals All Year Michelle Wolski - Zach Farber


Clubs and Activities Season Staff
Art Club   All Year         Jeune Winchester
Chess Club All Year Kurt Sanderson
Fall Musical Fall


Drama Play Spring TBD
Homework Club All Year Christine Sampras
Industrial Tech Club All Year Kurt Sanderson
Jazz Club All Year Brian Berg
Math Team All Year Heather Bolur - Tara Nunes
Bryan Buddies All Year Zach Farber - Juliann Fisher
School Newspaper – Bryan Buzz       All Year Zach Farber 
Science Olympiad All Year Chelsea Szafranski - Laurel Strejc
Singing Club All Year Jessica Tatevosian
Student Council All Year Heather Bolur
Taking Care of Others (TCO)  All Year TBD
Variety Show - Expressions Winter TBD
Yearbook    All Year Brittney Stanford