Boys Volleyball (7th and 8th Grade)


7th Grade Boys:
Paul Pokryfke

8th Grade Boys: 
Michelle Kalchik


Volleyball Locker

7th and 8th Grade Boys Volleyball

Tryouts 2020


When:       TBD

Where:      Bryan Gym

What Time:  TBD


  • There will be a study hall in the library after school on each day, but during tryouts, you may go home and return if you are the 4:45-6pm time.
  • You MUST have a current Sports Physical on file in order to try out- before January 30, 2019           
  • No physical = no try out!
  • See Mr. Pokryfke for 7th grade and Mrs. Kalchik for 8th grade to check your eligibility. 

Middle School Boys Volleyball Bylaws


Article 1. Each school shall have a seventh grade boys’ volleyball team and an eighth grade boys’ volleyball team. Seventh and eighth grade students are eligible to participate only at their current grade level placement, and sixth graders are not allowed to participate, unless otherwise agreed upon by the conference board.

Article 2. Tryouts may occur at any date, but practice may not occur until the day following the final boys’ basketball conference game. Article 3. One official is to be assigned by the Conference for each match. Should no official show up, the game shall be played as scheduled with coaches agreeing to the means for officiating. The intent is that the students must have the opportunity to play and not re-schedule once both teams are on site.

Article 4. All games will begin by 4:00 PM or as soon as possible thereafter.

Article 5. Net Height is established at 7’2”.

Article 6. Games will be scored at 25, 25 and 15 for the third game, if a third game is necessary.

Article 7. An approved I.H.S.A. ball will be used in all games. 11

Article 8. There shall be an six (6) minute time interval between 7th and 8th grade matches. Warm-up periods prior to each match will include a standard warm-up of 2-2-2. 2 min. combined general warm-up on separate sides of the net 2 min. combined net time 2 min. for combined serving

Article 9. Any disputes arising will be left to the decision of the President and personnel of the schools involved (principals and one coach). In case disputes involve the President’s school, the Vice-President will settle the dispute.

Article 10. All attempts should be made to play scheduled Conference games. The principals and/or their designees may mutually agree to postpone, or in cases of extreme circumstances, cancel that game.

Article 11. Teams will play a 12 game schedule. Teams will play each team within the conference once; these games will count towards the conference title. Teams will play four additional games versus conference schools on a rotational schedule. These games will not count towards the conference title. Additional non-conference games can be scheduled at the discretion of the individual schools.

Article 12. A third game will be played upon agreement by the coaches of both teams prior to the start of the match.

Article 13. All schools are responsible for reporting scores via email to the school of the Conference President or their designee.

Article 14. A first place award shall be presented for each grade.