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Frances Smith

Monday, May 10, 2021

Dear Parents,

Last Monday, I sent out the following 8th Grade Parent Message 5.2.21 with important information about the first ever Bryan Middle School Promotion Promenade. As we continue to plan, I wanted to keep you updated on how the in person event will take place on Thursday, May 27th.

Promotion Waves and Homeroom Breakdowns
As previously stated, there will be three waves of the Promotion Promenade,  organized by your student’s homeroom.

4:15-4:45: Group 1: RED Group

  • Red group - Baumeister, Samp

5:00-5:30: Group 2: WHITE Group

  • White Group - Mangun, Johnson, Felde 

5:45-6:15: Group 3: BLUE Group

  • Blue group - Curran, Szafranski, Sweeney

Immediate Family Members Only
Immediate family is invited to attend and walk parallel with their student. Parents will line up outside in ABC order next to the softball field. Please be advised that there is a significant amount of walking for parents.

We strongly encourage families to walk or bike if possible. Families are asked to go south on Euclid towards Bryan Middle School and turn right into the parking lot. There will be no entrance off of Butterfield. Families will park in the main lot, or on the side streets if necessary. After the promotion promenade, families will exit using Bryan Drive going towards Butterfield and then turning right.

Student and Parent Schedules of the Promenade Event
Here is a step by step breakdown of the Promenade Event. Students will be reviewing the promotion plans during FLL next week. Additionally, students will all have a chance to practice the promotion promenade during the school day on Thursday, May 27th.

Next Week’s Update
Next week, you can look forward to a screencastify reviewing the plans for the event in addition to a map to ensure that everyone understands the plans! If you have any questions, please fill out this form so we can address them in next week’s communication.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation! We look forward to celebrating with you soon!

Take care,

Jacquie Discipio
BMS Principal

  • Bryan
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