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Jenna Ernst

The commute to school can be very hectic, particularly on the first day of school. Please read this important traffic update that may impact morning arrival procedures at Jackson Elementary School and Bryan Middle School on Wednesday, August 15th. 

The City of Elmhurst has several construction projects currently underway. Please exercise caution and reduce speed when traveling in school zones. If you have students in both schools, the route from Jackson to Bryan, in the morning, may require more time and patience. Specifically, we recommend the following to make travel time easier:

Jackson Families:
If you travel east on Jackson Street between Saylor and Mitchell, please plan extra time as there will be construction trucks on that block of Jackson Street. At times, there might only be one-way traffic to make room for trucks and equipment. 

Alternate Route: You may consider taking Adams east to Mitchell as an alternate route. Car riders will still drop off going south on Mitchell Avenue. We encourage you to walk whenever possible. 

Bryan Families:
You can use Van Buren traveling east to drop off at Bryan.  There will be steady truck traffic at the intersection of Bryan and Van Buren for the first couple days that school is in session. Please exercise extreme caution. We encourage families to take advantage of the summer weather and walk or bike to school if possible.

We are anticipating a smooth start to the 2018-2019 school year and will be monitoring the traffic for any changes. Special thanks goes to the Elmhurst Police Department for its continued presence and vigilance to ensure the safety of our students. As always, we will keep you updated so that you can make the best plans for your families.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

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