Promotion Information 20-21

Promotion Waves and Homeroom Breakdowns
As previously stated, there will be three waves of the Promotion Promenade,  organized by your student’s homeroom.

4:15-4:45: Group 1: RED Group

  • Red group - Baumeister, Samp

5:00-5:30: Group 2: WHITE Group

  • White Group - Mangun, Johnson, Felde 

5:45-6:15: Group 3: BLUE Group

  • Blue group - Curran, Szafranski, Sweeney

Immediate Family Members Only

We strongly encourage families to walk or bike if possible. Families are asked to go south on Euclid towards Bryan Middle School and turn right into the parking lot. There will be no entrance off of Butterfield. Families will park in the main lot, or on the side streets if necessary. After the promotion promenade, families will exit using Bryan Drive going towards Butterfield and then turning right.