Dance Class Information



In order to make school events and dances an enjoyable event for all students and to ensure a safe and respectful environment, the following expectations have been set up for behavior at school events and dances. 

Remember that attendance at a school event or dance is a privilege, not a right.  

  • You must present your current Student I.D. card to be admitted.  
  • You are expected to be in attendance at school during the day of the dance.  
  • Guests from other schools are not allowed.  
  • You must not leave before the end of an event or dance unless you have parental permission and are accompanied by an adult.  
  • Do not play with food or drinks that have been brought to share.  
  • Food or drink is not permitted in the gym.  
  • Students are permitted in the gym, the gym hallway, or front foyer of the building only.  You will not be allowed to go to other parts of the building beyond the steel gates.  
  • Appropriate dress is expected.  The school dress code applies for events.  
  • Inappropriate dancing is not acceptable.  There will be no slam dancing, mash pit, break dancing, bumping and/or grinding, etc.  Keep hands placed appropriately when dancing.    
  • No Public Display of Affection (PDA).    
  • Do not destroy the decorations.    
  • School rules and consequences apply for all events and dances.    
  • Arrangements should be made ahead of time to have parents pick you up promptly at the end of the activity


The Bryan PTA will be offering a social dance class to students in the 7th and 8th grade.  This is a popular 8-week class in which students learn classic dance moves (line, swing, waltz, foxtrot) from a professional instructor playing today's popular music.

We will update this area with the 2020 dates soon.

We have included the dress code for informational purposes.

Dress Code:
Boys- Button down dress shirt (tucked in), tie (optional), dress pants or khakis, dress socks and a belt.  Non-scuffing dress shoes.

Girls- Dress, or dressy top with skirt or dress slacks. Hemlines must be fingertip length. Flat dress shoes or ballet flats (no heels of any size/height). Shoulders must be covered. Shrugs or sweaters are okay.  No strapless or low-cut tops, cutouts, bare midriffs, sides or backs.

ALL Students- No athletic pants, sweats, denim of any color, shorts, gym shoes…including no Converse, flip flops or leggings are allowed.

In an effort to promote a positive social dance experience for all, please be advised of the following:

*Only students registered for the classes will be allowed.  No guests.

*Bryan ID card is required at check in.  Those without an ID will be charged $2.
*School rules apply during all dance classes.
*Students must be at school for at least half a day in order to participate in dance
 class that evening.

*Students who receive disciplinary consequences may not be able to participate in
 the event. 
*For each class, please arrange for a safe ride for your student.
Pre-arranged carpooling is OK.  As always, responsibility rests with the Parent/Guardian for the whereabouts and safe transport of their children to and from Dance Class.

VOLUNTEERS: You are expected to arrive 30 minutes BEFORE the start of class. 

The volunteer lists will be available at a later date.  This will all be done online.

Please check your grade list for your assigned date.  If your assigned date does not work for you, please find someone to switch with on another date.  You do NOT need to contact a Dance Class Chairman to make these changes.  Also, we WILL NOT be sending REMINDERS each week so please check the documents for your assigned evening and mark your calendar.