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I am so excited to welcome everyone to the start of the 2019-2020 school year!  I am pleased to be entering my 26th year of teaching in District 205.  

This year, I am co-teaching two 7th grade English classes with Ms. Puralewski.  Together, we look forward to helping all of our students grow to become independent, lifelong learners.  Through both reader's and writer's workshop, students will have the opportunity to strengthen their skills as they read a variety of texts, write stronger arguments, and work on their speaking and listening skills as they explore texts and share ideas with their groups.

In addition, I will be working with Mrs. Dakins to continue to challenge and engage our 7th grade REACH English classes.  We work closely together to provide every REACH student with opportunities to analyze texts, evaluate ideas, and create a variety of products throughout the year.  Students will find the workshop model a place in which they may take control of their learning experiences.

Finally, I am thrilled to be able to teach Accelerated Spanish this year!  The ability to be able to communicate effectively in a wide range of situations is critical.  As such, we will continue to build on 6th grade Spanish and provide students with opportunities to communicate in Spanish.

This is going to be a fantastic year!