Jelena Živko


I am so excited to embark on my second year teaching at Bryan Middle School 2020-2021.   I am also pleased to be entering my 25th year of teaching.

It is a fun and exciting time for technology at Bryan and the other district middle schools as we enter year 5 of our 1:1 Chromebook initiative.  The former Computer Literacy curriculum has been updated and we changed our name to match what the students are learning. 

We are now named Creative Technology  across the three middle schools. We have added more STEM practices in our 6th - 8th grade curriculum. These include opportunities in graphic design, robotics, and building computers along with expanding our coding curriculum to include block & line coding languages, such as Java, Python, and HTML. 

The 8th grade Creative Tech classes are a semester long course.  The 6th and 7th grade Creative Tech classes are 9 week courses.  For more information about each Creative Technology course, click on the hyperlink to the left under "Courses".

I am also excited to have joined the Project Lead the Way Team of teachers and teach three semester long courses. 

Computer Science for Innovators and Makers is an introduction to computer science course. Students are challenged to creatively use sensors and actuators to develop systems that interact with their environment. Designing algorithms and using computational thinking practices, they code and upload programs to microcontrollers that perform a variety of authentic tasks. 

App Creators introduces students to the field of computer science and the concepts of computational thinking through the creation of mobile apps. Students are challenged to be creative and innovative, as they collaboratively design and develop mobile solutions to engaging, authentic problems. Students experience the positive impact of the application of computer science to society as well as other disciplines, particularly biomedical science.

Automation & Robotics takes students on a journey to trace the history, development, and influence of automation and robotics as they learn about mechanical systems, energy transfer, machine automation, and computer control systems. Students use the VEX Robotics® platform to design, build, and program real-world objects such as traffic lights, toll booths, and robotic arms.

I am honored & excited to embark on this journey with students in my Creative Technology & PLTW classes.  Linking technology with real world examples will teach students skills such as creativity & innovation, collaboration, decision making, digital communication, critical thinking, and problem solving allowing them to become model digital citizens and be college, career, and life ready.





Exciting creations & innovations are happening in the Creative Tech & PLTW classroom.  Check us out on Twitter and much more!