​Michele Bowles

6th Grade Mathematics Teacher

Block One- PreAlgebra           Block Two- Math One          Block Three- Math One

All math classes in 6th grade use Eureka Math. Eureka math can be confusing because it often teaches math in a visual way and not the way most parents learned - for general information, here is a link for parents to a curriculum overview.

I understand this year is starting very differently, but want you to know that I truly believe in the videos I sent and work I checked this spring; I know all of my math students who did the work learned everything they needed to in order to move on to 7th grade. The spring was not a blow-off to me, even though it was an emergency situation. I fully believe if we put in the time, we can and will learn remotely.

Please email me at any time with questions or concerns:


For information about changing levels of math click here.

NUMATS provides gifted children the opportunity to take tests, such as the PSAT, ACT, and SAT early- If you are interested, click for more information.

Facts About Mrs. Bowles:

This is my 22nd year teaching in Elmhurst. I taught at Sandburg Middle School for the first 6 years. I have always taught math- but sometimes it was 7th or 8th grade. I have taught Social Studies and English before- for one year each.

I went to Bryan MS back in 1981-1984 and York HS from 1984-1988. I went to C.O.D. for my Associate's Degree and then University of Illinois for my Bachelor's Degree. I have my Master's Degree in Secondary Education- Math, and I have taken over 40 more graduate level hours of coursework.

I have a son, Jason, who is 24 and has a degree in Sports Management, a certificate in Coding and is figuring out what he wants to be. I have a daughter, Amy, who is 21, a senior at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and is planning to go on to Pharmacy School. My husband, Tom, unfortunately passed away in July of last year, after a 20-year battle with lung cancer. I help raise money for lung cancer research through an event called Breathe Deep DuPage every fall, because I have seen great changes in treatments over the years, and without those changes we would have lost him a lot sooner.

I love math (obviously), sports, reading, music (Walk the Moon, Twenty-One Pilots, Bleachers, and many more), penguins, kindness, and helping students understand how fun and helpful math can be!